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Alex Batka's NCAA Baseball recruitment Site

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My name is Alex Batka.I have been playing baseball since I was six years old and continue to play to this day. I don’t just play baseball, I played soccer when I was little, played football since I was four, basketball since I was 9, and wrestling I started in 7th grade. I am currently 13 years old. I go to Spring Lake middle school and will go to the high school when I reach that age. I am christian, I have a 3.5 Gpa. I love to play any sport, be outside, and really like to do anything active. I am currently five foot and still growing. I throw 60-65 miles an hour for pitching, and I am a really good hitter . Even though I throw 60-65 right now I can still improve my speed a lot and will be able to reach 70-80 mph by freshman year in highschool with lots of speed to gain. I live in Nunica, Michigan 13425 cone St., 49448